Damper Express - Louiville KY - Manufacturer of dampers
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Generally we offer our Customers discounts on payment within 10 calendar days.

Dampers Express offers free shipping on orders of $5000 or more within 300 miles.  When budgeting your PO add 17% for shipping on all orders over $500.  For orders of 0-$500 and Square to Round orders we ship are prepay and add.

We offer multipliers on quantities of 100 or more and 250 or more of a particular size.

Dampers Express has a minimal 10% Surcharge on orders requested within 3 days and 25% next day.

We have small up charges for special orders, Examples Jamb and Blade Seals, Brass bushings, Stand offs on non commercial products. Please contact us for these if you need them.

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