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3 most commonly asked questions?

As any manufacturer can tell you, there are certain questions that come up from current and prospective customers over and over again. While we welcome any questions at any time, we thought we’d make things easier for our readers by addressing some of the most common ones at the moment.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1)      In this new economy, where do distributors stand on inventory?

Like many in our industry, we value our distributors and work with them as much as possible. Many no longer want to keep as much inventory in stock as in the past, and we believe that customers throughout the country understand this. Many manufacturers these days are doing away with large stockpiles that take up space and cost money, and are providing just-in-time shipping, which is an efficient way to deliver inventory as needed. It’s one of the hottest and most practical trends in manufacturing right now.

2)      In your industry, what does air pressure have to do with zoning and ductwork?

We see this all the time—homeowners will put in their own zoning without understanding the importance of air pressure.  Without a bypass damper properly installed, air buildup can occur and cause a major problem, including burning up your furnace. While you don’t need to know A-Z about air flow, you should do research or hire a contractor who does. There are many online training resources that can help you, as well as software programs that make it easier to understand, and therefore avoid major problems.

3)      Is a wireless zoning damper actually wireless?

The short answer is no. While the damper itself is not wireless, it is wirelessly controlled with a remote. This is a convenient, easy way to control up to 32 dampers individually.  And while the motorized damper is not battery-operated, the remote control makes is a very handy product.