Damper Express - Louiville KY - Manufacturer of dampers
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Dampers Express


We are manufacturers of:

  • Single Blade Dampers
  • Multi Blade Dampers
  • Round Balancing Dampers
  • Metal Air Tites
  • Commercial Air Tites
  • Metal Spin Ins
  • Commercial Spin Ins
  • High Effeciency Take Offs
  • Starting Collars
  • Air Tite Conicals
  • Square to Rounds

Dampers Express is a family owned and operated comprehensive manufacturing firm for Commercial and Residential HVAC Dampers. Established in 1994, Dampers Express has been providing SMACNA certified dampers regionally, nationally, and internationally, meeting our customers deadline, quality, and cost needs. We handle all our customer's orders from the smallest to full truck loads with the care they expect.



“Quality and Service EXPRESSED from Dampers Express


Keith Delaney

Louisville KY